Maybe it’s just crazy little me seeing patterns where none exist, but I found two news items this week to be oddly coincidental.

First, there was this weird tidbit about a rather revolutionary World War II era Japanese submarine being found.  It turns out this thing had been built to work as a submersible aircraft carrier, stowing collapsible planes that could be launched from it once it reached the surface and loaded with enough fuel to be able to reach any spot on the globe without refueling.  Captured by the United States at the end of hostilities with Japan, the Navy proceeded to sink the submarine rather than risk its technology falling into the hands of the Russians (it was the start of the Cold War, after all.)

So, collapsable planes being launched from a submarine back during WWII.  What’s that got to do with anything going on today? Well how about the announcement of a submarine successfully launching a collapsable flying drone from its torpedo tubes!  Sounds pretty dang similar, doesn’t it?  Is this a coincidence?!  I THINK NOT!!  It’s evident that … the Japanese from WWII have successfully completed their designs and are leaking the news to the public to … rub it in their faces that they never stopped their work?  For the United States’s benefit?

Wait, that sounds stupid.  I’m bad at this whole conspiracy theory thing.



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