Farewell, Little Buddy

41T95F44FVLI’ve had a Remington DA 307 electric for at least ten years at this point.  Once, while visiting my parents, I accidentally left it behind and had to buy a replacement … that conked out on me a scant three months later.  Fortunately, by then I’d managed to retrieve my old shaver.  It’s screen has busted and for a period left gross gashes across my face, but I toughed it out (and I guess wore down the sharp metal in time?) and it’s continued to be my shaving device of choice for years afterwards.

But now I have a new job, one where I need to look somewhat respectable, so I’ve bought a replacement (again.) Some fancy thing that indents and pivots and does all manner of gyrations to fit the contours of my face (but cost under $100 because, you know, I’m not going to spend that much for a shaver.)  I suppose I need to get an electric shaver, too.  Does the TSA get bitchy about razors?


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