Thrill of the Hunt


As I’m sure will surprise nobody who reads this blog, I like to integrate raccoons into my life where I can (without seeming completely weird.) One way this manifests is that, now that I’ve moved a distance away from my family, I send holiday/birthday cards to my loved ones.  There’s just one hangup: I only send a card if I have one with a raccoon on it!  It turns out, that’s a difficult thing to find (the same with calendars, and here we are at year end with calendars for sale everywhere and while I’d be set if I wanted one as stupidly specific as goats in trees, there’s nary a raccoon to be found.)  So now I find myself constantly trawling bookstores and supermarkets for any raccoon card I can find.  On the rare occasion I manage to find one I’ll snatch it up immediately for fear of not being able to find it when needed.  I’ve already amassed a stockpile of birthday cards for the next couple of years! It’s too bad my “thing” couldn’t be kittens or puppies, this process would be so much easier.


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