From Worth1000
From Worth1000

I apparently missed the hoopla over one of the many inexplicably popular YouTube videos that exists, this one involving a hillbilly and a raccoon dancing together (sort of) from a little over a year ago. The man, named Mark “Coonrippy” Brown (no, “coon” is not racist in this context … I hope!) and the raccoon, Gunshow, have unfortunately been recently separated.  One of the side effects of internet celebrity status is sudden public notoriety; in this case possession of a wild animal when such is not permitted.  So it is that officials of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency have separated mountain man and raccoon.

Undaunted, Mark continues to pursue his lifelong dream of being famous (attention whores can grow in the backwoods) and hopes to launch a reality television show soon.  And, with luck, his fame will reunite him with his little buddy, Gunshow.

Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press


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