I Got a Job


It’s a new month and I can start it with a smile on my face and hope in my heart, because after three and a half years of struggling to find work I finally landed a job.  Maybe moving out west was the right thing to do, although it’s a shame that doing so cost me some friends by revealing to me how very unreliable–if not downright duplicitous–some people can be. Some thoughts:

  • I did have a ten month stint of full-time work during the past 3.5 years.  I did nothing but clash with my boss during that time and had to quit.  I regret that it took a year and a half to find a full time job afterwards, but not quitting the job when I did.  Especially after I got a call from my replacement asking for advice on dealing with him.  It meant he was just a lousy boss.
  • A part of why it took so long to find work was because I was doing it wrong.  Due to my spotty work history I had convinced myself my only real chance was to get a job with the U.S. Government.  Unfortunately that’s an almost impossible place to get into, what with hiring practices heavily favoring internal transfers and veterans.
  • Because I was limiting myself so much, I didn’t apply to many jobs.  Maybe four a week.  In contrast, when I moved out here I averaged one a day. I think this aggressive application process helped quite a bit.
  • About halfway through two or so months I was looking I began modifying my resume for every job I applied to; as every job application guide says to.  I think it did helped? I did get more interviews during the second half of the process than before.
  • I think I’m a bad interviewee.  The job I got, I received an offer several hours after finishing the interview.  This actually happened with every job I’ve gotten.  This makes me think that in all those cases, the companies had already made up their minds to hire me barring a disastrous performance on my part during the interviews.  I don’t think I’ve ever managed to convince someone to hire me who wasn’t already inclined to do so.
  • In all the interviews I’ve had over the past year, at exactly none of them was I asked by an interviewer for a copy of my resume (although I certainly had them!)  Hopefully, society has moved past this tired routine of testing how prepared the interviewee is.
  • I remember recruiters being more useful.  Here in Denver they just seem to want to waste your time.
  • If you’re a temp agency, it’s ridiculous to think the people doing jobs for you aren’t continuously looking for a full-time job.
  • The stress of being unemployed (and with it, the fear that I’d never get a job) had apparently been getting to me, as I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried a little after receiving the offer and realizing that I have a future again.

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