Happy International Raccoon Appreciation Day!

Raccoon Rampage by Andrew Cope

It’s not really a day that most people would observe (although I have it marked on my calendar) but October 1st is International Raccoon Appreciation Day (IRAD), as declared by this one little WordPress page, the official website for IRAD, that hasn’t been updated in a while.  Still, a quick search shows people observing IRAD over the years.  Let’s take a journey through history to see how far along the holiday has come!

  1. Here’s a discussion about IRAD at the Museum of Hoaxes forum all the way back in 2007!
  2. In 2008, the Coca Cola Conversations blog, a fansite for Coca Cola and related collectibles, dug up this old Coca Cola advertisement in belated recognition of the day.  Now I disagree with the advert perpetuating the myth of raccoons as thieves, but speciest profiling aside it’s a very cute drawing.  They even ran a little contest based on the advertisement.
  3. Oakland North hosted this brief video exposé about a young woman trying to uncover the presence of raccoons in urban California back in 2011.  It didn’t work out to well, but the accompanying article is very thoughtful.
  4. Last year, the comedian Dan Burt posted a helpful little illustration in regards to raccoons. Remember kids, nature is only cute so it can lure you in for the kill!

So go out there and celebrate the day! Talk to people about how cute raccoons are or leave some food out for them tonight (no really, don’t do that) or watch some notable media that involves raccoons like that old Canadian cartoon series, The Raccoons. I mean, how often can you do something like that and not look weird? Oh, wait …


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