RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Where’s Your Passport?

Woman Eat Box
On the good side, high in fiber!

Let’s all hear it for Meeko, an intrepid raccoon who accidentally got trapped in a shipping container and then went on a intercontinental trip by train and boat from Iowa to England.  She managed the trip by nibbling on cardboard boxes in the container and licking condensation for sustenance.  The people in England, unaccustomed to raccoons, have placed the accidental adventurer in a local zoo, an ape and monkey sanctuary.  Oh no! I hope she gets along with her new roommates better than other raccoons have.

I’ve always lamented the lack of raccoons in zoos here in the United States.  Ooh, lions and meerkats. I wanna’ see something cute!

Source: This is South Wales

  • The Cardboard Box Diet @ Lauren, From Texas (No, she’s not advocating eating cardboard–in fact she specifically says she won’t eat anything that tastes like cardboard, which would logically exclude cardboard itself.  Rather, the titular cardboard box is one that she has full of clothes that currently don’t fit, and are the motivator for losing weight.)
  • Raccoon Survives a Month at Sea by Eating Cardboard @ Buzz60
  • Meeko from Pocahontas @ The Disney Wiki

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