RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Behind the Scenes Lesbian Romance

The teen pop-culture news site, Just Jared Jr. (or Jr2 to all the cool kids) recently featured some on-set photos of the upcoming CW television series Starcrossed. It’s going to be some nonsense young adult series involving aliens and teen romance taking place in New Orleans, where it’s always Mardi Gras.  Apparently the protagonists spend a lot of time in the wilderness around the city, including getting to know the local fauna such as baby alligators and raccoons.  This is how the photos of star Aimee Tegarden being kissed by (presumably) female raccoon extra, Rita, came up.  You can also see a shot of the raccoon hanging on the bank of actor Grey Damon.

Tell me that the raccoon becomes a cute sidekick that appears in the show a lot and I may give it a watch.


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