The Blue Moon Cometh

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That’s no moon.
Everyone is all abuzz about tonight’s blue moon. Of course, the name is something of a misnomer as the moon is never blue, but just a term used to describe the rare occurrence of a full moon occurring twice in one calendar month. The last time was in August 2012 and the next time will be in July 2015. The origin of using the word “blue” to describe it is somewhat wrapped in mystery, as even the questionably authoritative Wikipedia entry can only grasp at straws for an explanation. I mean, it’s the internet, so at least just make up something that sounds good.
It all plays well into the realm of puns, though, as “moon” is another term for displaying one’s posterior to others, a decidedly lewd but amusing act. This plays into the concept of “blue” comedy, which is humor that skews more towards the profane and inappropriate. So I’ll insist that the origin of “blue moon” refers to the rare occasion where people traditionally moon people while telling off-color jokes.

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