The Asylum Gets it Right (I’m Going to Go Drink Now)

Hey, Baby, Wanna See My Jolly Green Giant?

I recently subjected myself to Apocalypse Earth (streaming on Netflix,) which is The Asylum’s mockbuster of the Will Smith bomb After Earth. It was, as per usual, quite terrible.  Mind blowingly, however, this movie actually got a little bit of its science right!


I previously complained about the broken moon cliché in science fiction movies this year. The main issue was that a blown up moon would either re-coalesce or form a ring around the planet.  In the painfully obvious reveal that the alien planet the heroes have been traipsing about on was Earth all along (I don’t know why anybody would bother with this after Planet of the Apes) they point out that the aliens, as a part of their terraforming process, blew up the moon (causing the ring around the planet.)  Most of the science afterwards was quite wrong, though. At least they tried and didn’t do the two halves hovering in the sky thing that all the major motion picture studios have copied.

Still not as shocking as American Warships being a better written and acted movie than Battleship.

And while I’m talking about the Asylum, I actually paid money to see their runaway hit, Sharknado, on the big screen this weekend.  But is a cult classic just yet, or merely a company trying to make it a cult classic?  What is it about this movie that struck a cord with audiences that the Syfy Channel’s previous shark-based nonsense, Sharktopus, didn’t achieve?


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