Raccoon Tossing was the latest addition to the Red Neck Games.

I cam across this video last week, but opted to ignore it because I prefer to talk about happy things involving raccoons.  Unfortunately, my choice was in stark contrast to the rest of the internet, as two podcasts I listen to: This Week in Tech (TWiT) and The Big Planet Comics Podcast both devoted some (or even a lot) of time to discussing this matter. So here it is in a nutshell: some dude, who apparently keeps every inch of his property monitored via webcam, noticed a raccoon pestering his dog and took care of the situation by flinging the raccoon away.  Actually a reasonable response; I think raccoons are super adorable but they can be pretty harmful to your loved ones by way of disease, parasite, and other unpleasantness. Even PETA reportedly endorsed his actions, saying they respected his devotion to protecting his pet like a member of the family.

And, cruel as it may be, the image of a raccoon twirling through the air is a little funny.


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