A Valuable Use of Time

“Don’t Screw with a Girl and her Robot!”
Art by subaru01rins

Huh? What year is it? Oh, it’s still 2013. Sweet.

I was on kind of a binge over the past week and a half.  I had a temp job for a whopping two days, early last week.  Then when that was over I started playing Borderlands 2, which I bought for cheap during the recent Steam Summer Sale.  So from July 17th through yesterday, the 26th, I put in 41 hours to the game (according to the character profile, Steam claims 50 hours and I’m not sure where the discrepancy comes from.)  On a few of those days I know I put in 8+ hours of play time.

I don’t say this to brag or claim a title of “hardcore gamer” of any sort.  I actually look on it somewhat shamefully.  Imagine if I’d put that time and effort into looking for a job!  Would I be employed by now?  Instead, when job hunting, the most effort I put into it is browsing through Craigslist, Indeed, or USAJobs and firing off a resume along with a cover letter and answering whatever questions they ask of me.  At most I put an hour into an application (and often much less,) and I average only about three job applications a week. 

So the question is … why?  Why, when I’ve been unemployed for 18 months would I put so much of myself into a stupid game rather than trying to better myself and continue looking for a job?

I think it’s the idea of instant gratification.  At least I enjoyed playing the game.  To me, the job application process is nothing but frustration (I just gave you my resume, why do I need to relist my work experience for your stupid database?!) followed by soul crushing rejection.  Given the choice of actually having some fun versus … that … how can anyone be faulted with choosing the more frivolous of the two?

I suppose this also speaks to my complete lack of skill in applying to jobs. According to some people, looking for work should be your full-time job when you’re unemployed.  Your whole day should be spent trawling through job boards, calling HR representatives, and aggressively pursuing a job.  Obviously my technique (spray and pray) hasn’t worked so maybe I need to evolve my technique.  Once I’m done playing this game.


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