There’s a band called If and It, which is a pretty stupid name along the lines of She and Him. Their music is okay, it reminds me of the mellower pieces by the defunct UK band, Seafood (such as What May be the Oldest, my favorite of theirs.)  Why are they being mentioned here?  Because at the end of last month they released their latest album, titled Racoon (I assume the dropped “c” is a stylistic choice.) I didn’t learn about this until a review popped up online, because the band is currently on tour to promote the new album.  It’s pretty positive, but I would have to buy it anyway.

  • If and It @ Facebook
  • The band Heathers has an album titled Kingdom which has a raccoon on the cover. Not that that’s the only reason I bought it. My friend, Erik, heaped praise on the album, which I will agree was pretty good.
  • Of course, you can’t mention raccoons and music without including the Beatles’s classic, Rocky Raccoon, so consider that tick marked.

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