The Doom of DOMA

Yesterday was a big deal for the LGBT(Q?) community because of Supreme Court’s ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA.)  The ruling effectively allows gay marriage in California and may be the tipping point in allowing it across the country. Or does it?
The internet (especially social networks) was quick to celebrate the ruling.  From the reserved to the ridiculous and outright nonsense. Take the two political cartoons highlighted by npr. The first one especially brought my piss to a boil because it’s a great example of combating ignorance with ignorance.  
Characterizing the opposition to Gay Marriage as literally a handful of people, the entirety of which sit in the Supreme Court, is laughably (well, it IS a cartoon) unrealistic.  The fact is that opposition to gay marriage is much more significant than its supporters want to delude themselves into believing.  In the 2008 presidential election–when California voted on Proposition 8–the amendment that banned gay marriage Proposition 8 got 52% of the vote.  That’s a majority of the voting population in that state, one that’s generally considered very blue.
Of course, 2008 is not 2013.  Polling suggests that Californians are now support gay marriage a little more (a whopping 56%.)  But then, according to polls, 51% supported gay marriage back in 2008, and they still couldn’t translate that into votes.  So just a few people?  No, it’s much more than that, and the more that the LGBT community wants to pretend those people simply don’t exist, the more trouble they’ll have getting the progress that they want.

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