I had bought the first volume deluxe hardcover for DC/Vertigo’s Fables series back in mid-2011.  I finally got around to reading it earlier this month.  I didn’t expect much (or any) raccoon presence in the book because, aside from some Native American folklore, raccoons don’t really figure prominently in the sort of material this series draws from.  Still, I was super psyched to see the guy pictured above appear in the corners of a couple of panels.

The other major development in regards to raccoons in comics was the launch of the Regular Show comic book series by Boom! comics back in May. The Regular Show is a series that, obviously, should appeal to me because of its protagonist, Rigby. But I have to admit, after watching a few episodes on Netflix the show just doesn’t do it for me.  This, like the lauded Adventure Time, don’t strike me as terribly funny.  All they do is throw a lot of random elements at the viewer in hopes something is at least vaguely humorous.   This is the kind of stoner humor that Cartoon Network has been cultivating primarily on their Adult Swim lineup.


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