In the Game of Thrones You Drink Like Royalty

Even though the season finale of Game of Thrones aired about two weeks ago I wanted to mention that I did manage to watch it style.  Of course, I had my miniature crown and sword because I’m silly like that.  I was also totally psyched to have found a couple of bottles of the official Game of Thrones beer by Ommegang brewery.  I had been looking for this stuff ever since I heard about it, maybe a week after the third season premier.  Either because of spotty distribution, or rampant speculative buying, it proved annoyingly elusive.  I was lucky enough to stumble across a few bottles while at a World Market.  I picked up one and carried it around while I continued to browse (I like looking for flavored coffees.)  When I finally got to the checkout line I was surprised (and more than a little perturbed) to see the person in front of me had the remaining three bottles in his shopping cart! I guess these were hard to find due to collectors & speculators after all! (Or, admittedly, fans of the show.)  I picked up a second bottle at another World Market later on.


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