Uncharted 3

I just played through Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (on Hard.)  I’ve had the Game of the Year edition sitting around for a few months and decided I simply had to beat it before it became free to play via PS+ today (so that I wouldn’t feel like I’d completely wasted my money.) I found the experience generally unpleasant.  I feel the Uncharted games straddle the wrong side of the line between movie and video game, with constant interruptions of game play with little dramatic sequences.  The first couple of times you’re jumping around from pipe to pipe and one breaks off, causing Nathan Drake to shout in panic and dangle perilously before you regain control of his parkour shenanigans it’s exciting.  But when it happens every 90 seconds it just becomes tedious, and you just want to traverse a room without a dozen “surprises” springing up.  The shooting action was more-or-less acceptable, although I constantly found myself struggling to aim well–much more so than other third-person shooters–and enemies are, as always, aggravatingly superhuman in their ability to snipe you from a football field’s distance with a handgun.  It was the jumping & platforming sequences that suffered due to their insistence on enforcing theatricality over decent play.

In this adventure, Nathan Drake & Co. take on some Middle Eastern legends (allowing him the opportunity to be a one-man holocaust on a whole new ethnicity; seriously, Nathan Drake has  murdered a good couple of thousand people over the course of these games, and he seems to focus on those of a non-Caucasian persuasion.)  So of course the game is peppered with vaguely Middle Eastern-ish music (the actual genre would be “World Music.”)


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