RACCOONS IN THE MOVIES: Gonna’ be Cute, Still Voiceless

I’m totally psyched for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG) movie. No, that’s not only because it’s going to feature Rocket Raccoon (RR) and unleash a flood of related merchandise onto the world.  I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the recent Marvel movies, even ones I expected to find really boring like Thor and Captain America (both characters I had no interest in, and still don’t.)  Still, I anxiously await any and all news relating to GotG and its progress.

Such as the news that director James Gunn has tweeted the presence of a live raccoon being a part of the crew during pre-production!  It’s possible, but highly unlikely, that they’ll slap some armor on this fuzzy little guy and digitally lip sync dialogue to his mouth a la talking babies.  But that would be extraordinarily silly.  Likely, animators are just observing the animal as reference for the eventual CG actor.

The big question mark remains who will voice RR on the big screen? I can’t say I’ve given it much thought, and am torn between wanting someone with a gruff, gravelly voice in keeping with the personality of the character vs. something a little softer and cuter, more in line with the fact that this is a raccoon. Rumors have varied from former Timelord David Tennant (oddly appropriate, since former Companion Karen Gillan has been cast in the movie) to Michael Rooker, who portrayed everyone’s favorite redneck, Merle, on The Walking Dead TV series (although he’s been cast as Yondu.)  Heck, I was happy when John C. Reilly was cast and rumored to be voicing RR, but he’s apparently going to play Nova.  I think his voice would have worked well with a RR who was written more as the smart ass of the group, with lots of sardonic quips.

So apparently I’ll be happy with almost anyone they choose, as long as it fits the written portrayal.


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