RACCOONS IN THE CLUBS: Not as Cute as You’d Expect

Raccoon Tennis Club Shirt

The New Haven Raccoon Club (NHRC) recently raised $4,200 for St. Jude’s, a noble endeavor.  It made me happy to learn that there is a thing called a raccoon club, and even better that it’s based out of Connecticut, my old home.  It’s great that they’re a charitable group, helping to better the often maligned image of raccoons in our culture.  Personally, had I made a raccoon club, it would be devoted to cataloging all raccoon merchandise in existence (I already own a rather extensive library of books about raccoons; any easy thing to accomplish considering how little material there is.)

I have to admit to being  a little baffled by one of the fundraiser events recently held by the NHRC, however, and that’s “an archery 3D shoot.”  I was always under the impression that any shooting took place in three dimensional space, but I guess this is extra 3D-y. The only thing that would make it more amazing would be if it was in HD as well, but alas, reality has yet to catch up with our entertainment technology.


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