RACCOONS IN THE MEDIA: Raccoons Everywhere!

Closet furry?

I recently played through the last two inFamous games.  Of course I played evil in inFamous 2, even though that does net you the crappier power set (but, imho, the cooler ending and hotter girl.)  Disappointingly, in the self-contained spinoff, Festival of Blood, lacked a morality system but was an interesting game to play through (short as it was.)  It did have one-out-of-nowhere line regarding raccoons.  It’s a little tough to parse Zeke’s statement; is he implying the thought of kissing a raccoon is hot, or just a girl that sort of looks like one?  Fortunately, his friend, Cole McGrath, ignores the statement.

On the April 22 episode of American Dad, titled “The Boring Identity,” there was an inexplicable appearance of a raccoon.  While the main character’s wife, Francine, tried to reverse his amnesia after an unfortunate accident by singing “Taking Care of Business” by Bachman Turner Overdrive this image appeared on screen, prodding Stan Smith to remember his past:

In Red Letter Media’s recent episode of Half in the Bag, wherein they review Iron Man 3 and Pain & Gain there’s a woman (playing a hipster who watches VHS ironically) who is wearing a raccoon shirt.  I hope they’re no implying only douchey hipsters would wear a raccoon shirt (now Three Wolf Moon is a different matter) because I’d wear the hell out of them if I ever bothered to buy any.


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