Books About Cats … Who Knew?

Last Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, which is notable for bringing in lots of people (especially teenagers and children, by my observation) that otherwise wouldn’t have gone into a comic book store.  I went on a comic book store crawl with several people in a local geek club (yes, it’s called that.)  We went to one participating store that doubles as a used book store (a very small, cramped one, fitting the place’s name of Hole in the Wall Books.) While browsing their selection of fantasy & science fiction novels my attention was caught by the title Catswold Portal, since I naturally wondered if it was a misspelling (turns out a wold is a real thing, which I suppose shouldn’t have surprised me since I’ve known of a 1/6 collectible stores called Cotswold.) I picked up the book and was amused by the blub on the back cover, which read “Intriguing … a quintessential cat fantasy …” which I found oddly specific.  I asked one of the people I was tooling around town with whether “cat fantasy” was even a thing. She eagerly dived into another part of section and pulled out another cat-based book.  I was shocked; I also found it odd that both books featured cats with orange & white coloring.  She shrugged and remarked “I guess if it wasn’t that, it would be black cats.”

I don’t even like cats! I think they’re cute, and at least they’re not as noisy as dogs tend to be, but I find their general disdain for people makes them unlikeable in general.  Dogs are much better, friendlier, enjoyable pets.

Regardless, two pivotal books in the cat fantasy genre in hand, I made my way to the cash register to add them to my ever-fluctuating backlog of books to read. We’ll see how these turn out.

I suppose it shouldn’t be too surprising that there are books about cats.  There’s material out there about owls, mice, and a whole bunch of other animals so why not?  Oh, but none about raccoons, of course.  DAMN YOU, AUTHORS!!

  • Warriors, a whole fantasy series about cats!
  • Audrey Penn is a children’s author who specializes in books featuring raccoons. There are no epic battles to be found in them, unfortunately.
  • Garth Nix, included a cat-like magical being in his Abhorsen Trilogy, which I highly recommend.

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