Badass Art

Sunday was Cinco de Mayo, if you care about that sort of thing.  Through circumstances beyond my control I found myself in the Baltimore Museum of Art (or BMA as their marketers clearly hope all the kewl kids will call it.) It was okay, a lot of older art along with typical inane modern art (a canvas painted all black.)  However I noticed a series of sculptures that had a certain theme and which I later realized were all the work of the same artist, who I now think is especially badass.

Yes, badass artist.

Typically when on think of sculptures at an art museum (not modern art) you expect a lot of busts,  some Madonnas, or women with no head and arms.  But how about these?

Tiger vs. Crocodile!

Dude murdering a minotaur.
Dude and a hot, naked chick on a pegasus! (Very Boris Vallejo-esque.)

The sculptor for all of these was Antoine-Louis Barye, a 19th century Frenchman who seemed to build a career out of making totally awesome, detailed bronze sculptures.  He was apparently best known as an animalier, which means he specialized in portraying animals.  But he really excelled in portraying them doing awesome stuff! He’s more like an awesimalier !

Sadly, he has no work of raccoons that I could find.  Nobody’s perfect.


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