RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: It’s Not Racist, It’s Speciest

The image name, taken from the developer’s site, is
“coon_groot,” potentially racist and copyright violating!

Last week there was some controversy around a browser-based game titled “Starcoon” from  Nnnnice Games, a Netherlands game developer.  The developers, surprised to learn that “coon” is a somewhat outdated slur for black people, had to rename the game to “Curio’s Quest” (“Curio” being the name of the name character) to curtail some controversy.

I can only say I’m disappointed, but not surprised.  Inevitably, people in the United States are all-too eager to take offense.  Sure, if this game had featured a sambo-looking caricature then there would be a legitimate problem, however when it’s obvious that the game features a raccoon, the use of the abbreviation “coon” becomes appropriate and innocuous unless you’re unwilling to commit any thought to the matter.  In fact “coon” as a racial slur is very uncommon these days, with only those seeking to be offended by its inadvertent use preserving it as such.

But hey, this is a country where one can’t use the word niggardly despite it having absolutely no connection to the dreaded “n-word” other than its sound.


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