Theme Meals

It’s kind of a running gag in my family that I recommend meals themed after current events.  There are the easy ones, like painted, hard-boiled eggs around Easter or drinking Celebrator Doppelbock to celebrate something. Sometimes I need to get a little more creative, such as meatballs and pasta with the recent meteor explosions in the news (because they’re meatier).  When there was an earthquake here a couple of years ago I was quick to insist on a trip to Dairy Queen for a Cheesequake Blizzard.  I can also be pretty tasteless, such as eating at Boston Market and having a Boston Cream Pie donut in the wake of the recent bombing.  But sometimes my idea backfire.  For instance, with Iron Man 3 coming out soon I’ve been thinking of the need to have a meal themed after that superhero.  What would that be?  Something high in iron?  What foods have a lot of iron? Unappealingly, that would include liver and liverwurst, two things with such strong, gamey flavors that they make the stomach churn.  Also, prunes and spinach.  This is going to be a fun meal.


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