Terrible Tragedy Strikes at Boston

It’s not that I’m making light of what happened during the Boston Marathon a couple of days ago.  However I’ve taken issue with most of the media’s coverage of the event, namely in the superlative way they’ve described the work of the terrorist who performed this act.  It’s been touted as “well planned” or that it was designed to cause “maximum damage” to people.  If either was true, then it speaks to general incompetence that this “orchestrated” attack couldn’t kill more people than the completely accidental Boston Molasses Disaster of 1919, which in its final count killed 21 people.  Also, peoples’ claims that the dual explosions were timed so that people would flee from one into the other are giving the bomber far too much credit; the twelve-second time difference wasn’t long enough to allow for the crowd to get from one blast zone to the next, and in a street they effectively have two places to go, so only have one secondary explosion instead of one on either side of the initial bomb runs counter to that plan.

This incident has also done a great job of displaying the general idiocy and racism of people.  From tackling a victim and turning him over to the FBI for the crime of not being white, claiming that photos of a man with torn clothes running away from an explosion is suspicious, or reporters questioning who would have placed a mailbox along the street (seriously, Erin Burnett did this last night and her dumbfounded guest responded “the Post Office, I would guess.”)


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