Peanut Ooze

If it’s got a raccoon mascot it must be good!

I like peanut butter.  I had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as a child (always with raspberry jelly, and I always hated the seeds) and Butterfinger has always been my favorite candy bar.  To this day I like to have PB&J sandwiches, occasionally experimenting with other concoctions such as peanut butter & banana or marshmallows.  I like to try different kinds of peanut butter, mostly meaning other brands from the usual Jif or Peter Pan. There’s some variety to be found, such as flavored and all natural.

In the end, I always end up preferring the less wholesome, more adulterated name brands, however.  Why?  Because these natural, boutique peanut butters are just too damn syrupy.  There’s nothing more annoying than making a sandwich and having the all-important PB ooze out the sides and mess up your hands.  The oil always separates and you can spill it out to make the butter less fluid, but that can quickly backfire and it turns to an overly-dry thick paste that can barely be spread without ripping apart the bread!


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