RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Kit Abuse is Uncool

Please don’t hurt us!

Dong Nguyen, a Toronto Native, was recently sentenced to $1,365 (probably Canadian, so $1,334 in real money) and 100 hours (97.75 American hours) community service for savagely beating three baby raccoons back in 2011. He was apparently very upset at the damage the animals were doing to his garden.  I can understand that that would make you upset, but it you’d have to be pretty stark-raving mad to take a shovel to babies.  I’ve never been much of a gardener, but if you’re engaging in that activity to get closer to nature, shouldn’t you be delighted that the animals are coming closer to you for your efforts?

The linked article includes some useful tips for humanely keeping raccoons away from your garden, as well as a quote from the producer of the documentary Raccoon Nation, but be warned; it can be pretty sad when it describes the animal abuse that Dong engaged in.


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