It’s Amazing How the Mind Wanders

Today I had a job interview.  I really hope I did well.  It was a little on the short side (half an hour) so I can’t be confident that I impressed the interviewers.  A half hour is a frustrating amount of time as it’s just short enough to think they wanted to rush you out because you botched an answer to something, but long enough that it doesn’t seem like a complete failure of an interview.  At 45 minutes I’m much more confident.

Anyway, on my way to the interview (and on the way back) I found myself riding behind Toyota Siennas.  For whatever reason, I put it together that the arrangement of the lights, rear windshield, license plate and contours looked like an angry, chubby-cheeked rodent.

Tell me what you think.

No license plate here, though.

This could be taken as an example of pareidolia wherein the human brain sees things that vaguely resemble something familiar in terms of shape or structure and fills in the gaps to make that imagery make sense.  This would be something that we evolved with, for instance being able to recognize a predatory animal in a jungle despite portions of it being obscured by foliage.  It’s just that with a more powerful brain we can abstract much more from limited stimuli.  This is often seen as an explanation for many paranormal photographs where people see faces or figures among arrangements of light, shadows, objects, or even the film grain (called matrixing).


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