Obligatory Post Oscars Commentary

Gawd DAMN the Oscars go on forever and ever!  Three and a half hours?  Funny as the “we saw your boobs” song may have been (not very; it would have been a great bit on Family Guy but was out of place on the Academy Awards which really ought to keep a stick firmly implanted up its ass) there’s just way too much production, song and dance involved in this broadcast every year.  Ironically, this event–which exists solely for Hollywood to pat itself on the back–includes these musical numbers at the expense of allowing award recipients to give “thank you” speeches (you know, the patting yourself on the back part.)

The only productions that should exist during the show are as follows:

  1. Performances of “Best Song” nominees
  2. A medley for “Best Score” nominees
  3. “Best costume” should be done like a runway show, with the costumes being modeled instead of the slideshow presentation we’ve gotten for several years now
  4. The annual in memoriam montage (a.k.a. the “Reel of Death”)

Cut out a couple of awards that have no real meaning to the majority of the audience  (film editing, sound editing, & sound mixing) to free up a little more time during the broadcast.  Hell, the Grammys hand out only six awards during their 3.5 hour broadcast.


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