One-in-a-million Shots

Last week the world was abuzz with the news of a meteorite crashing into Russia and on the same day an asteroid being tracked by NASA was scheduled to pass alarmingly (but safely) close to Earth!  Peculiarly, many pieces of the meteorite smashed through the ice and plummeted into the depths of exceptionally cold Chebarkul Lake, making retrieval of the valuable space rocks considerably difficult and much more prone to contamination.

This amazes me because lakes and rivers make up, what, maybe 5% (at most) of the landmass around there?  It’s such a long shot for a meteor to hit over land as opposed to the oceans, which cover 75% of the Earth’s surface, but to then hit the miniscule area that has lakes is so obnoxious that you have to figure that, if there is a God, he likes to jerk people around or that meteors are attracted to water no matter what. 

This reminded me of another bizarre, but very unfortunate, string of events late last year.  During the notorious Hurricane Sandy there were several people killed by falling trees or limbs.  When you read the details of some of these cases you see timing as being such a deadly incident.  Had people left their homes a little earlier or later they would have missed the crashing trees completely or safely seen their aftermath blocking the roads.  It only takes a few seconds for a tree to come down, a dozen more in either direction and everything would be fine.

Kind of creepy, isn’t it?


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