My Music of 2012

I actually thoroughly disagree with this sentiment.

As always, this has nothing to do with when the pieces were released, or charted, or anything like that.  It’s purely a matter of what songs ended up leaving an impression on me during the year for whatever reason.

  1. Son of a Gun by Oh Land – As I mentioned during my “moments of the year” I made an almost cross-country drive to visit a friend in New Mexico.  For most of this trip I listened to the first two audiobooks of George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings. In between though, some songs crept into my ears.  The first was from this CD that I bought based on the colorful cover (oh yes, I am the kind of idiot who does that sort of thing) at the CD Cellar while with a friend.  I ended up really liking the poppy, techno title song.
  2. Village Green Preservation Society by The Kinks – I remember on my final leg of the trip to Albuquerque I had this bizarre, burning urge to hear this song.  For the life of me I can’t think of why this piece in particular was eating away at the corners of my brain.  I remember finally queuing it up a day or two later while touring Old Town.
  3. Final Round by Danny Elfman – The epic last musical piece from the score for the 2011 movie Real Steel, this one spares no expense in manipulating the audience.  You can listen to it and have a really good idea of exactly what was on screen during each movement (this is when people are psyching up for the big fight, this is when the fight is going well, this is a reflective moment for the characters as they approach triumph, etc.)  Danny Elfman has a bad habit of repeating himself with a lot of his music, but this one did a decent job of breaking free of his mold.
  4. Parn’s Theme by Mitsuo Hagita – Remember when I talked about listening to stuff I had dug up from my old CD’s and hadn’t heard in years?  This was one of them.  I remember I loved this piece whenever it showed up in Record of Lodoss War, which I watched on the Sci Fi channel back in the day.
  5. 2EM09_YAMASHITA by Sagisu Shirou – Continuing the theme of anime, this tune shows up multiple times in the recent Rebuild of Evangelion movies.  At one point accompanied by an absolutely gorgeous animated sequence showing an average morning in Neo Tokyo.  The variations are fun, having a weird 1970’s vibe to them, especially the more jazz like version titled 2EM18_KK_C01.  Such generic, meaningless names for pieces with so much personality!
  6. America by Laibach – Have I ever mentioned that throughout highschool and college, 99% of my exposure to music came through soundtracks?  It’s what’s made me especially sensitive to the interplay between what’s on screen and the music these days.  Not that one could tell from this list, as it seems to mostly consist of the really obvious show-stopping selections. This one is interesting, it starts with essentially a break in the movie (those grating noises at the start,) has an oddly disjointed version of the national anthem, and then continues into chanting over some nice bass (see 3:15 in.)

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