RACCOONS IN THE GAMES: Sly Cooper Animated Prequel

In less than a  month, the fourth Sly Cooper game, Thieves in Time, will be released on the PS3.  In order to build hype for what will undoubtedly be the premier platforming stealth action game starring a raccoon this year, the developers, Sucker Punch Productions, has released a short animated series to set up the storyline of the new game.

You know, last year I bought the PS Vite during a pretty kick-ass sale.  It came with a couple of bundled games, including PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale. I sold the two games on eBay to defray the overall cost of the bundle, which was kind of a dumb thing to do because Sly Cooper is one of the playable characters in that game.  Oh well, I’ll just have to be content with playing as Rocket Raccoon in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


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