Gay Hard(drive)

Yeah, yeah, I know, some people get all pissy when something gets described as gay.  Still, that’s what this thing has been known as in my family for several years.  It’s model WD3200B007-RGB, and it served me faithfully for a few years as a backup for my PC and later my Macbook.  At the time, it featured a massive 320GB hard drive and super fast Firewire (and USB 2).  At some point the HDD failed, as no computer was able to recognize it from any connection.  I tried to open up the case to get at the drive, but accidentally stripped the head of one of the screws and at this point wouldn’t be able to open it without damaging the shell, and the aesthetics are the main reason anyone would use this device! I’m going to have to trash it soon, but wanted to record an example of it working its magic for posterity.  So here it is:


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