DVD Storage Solutions

Some friends of mine on Facebook were recently lamenting the lack of availability of DVD shelving units in stores.  This recent industry development was apparently driven by decreasing sales of movies on physical media (DVD & Blu Ray.)

Still riding high on the experience of moving out of my apartment into a smaller residence almost three years ago I espoused the joys of de-cluttering life.  One step of which involved discarding DVD cases (negating the need for bulky storage units.)  I went a step further and ripped all of my DVDs to my hard drive so that I technically didn’t need to keep the discs (except for potential legal reasons.)  

Originally I left the DVDs stuffed into something a little smaller than your average shoebox, but they weren’t well organized and after a while they were a bit too tightly packed for comfort.  I eventually decided to upgrade to a more formal storage solution, buying several cases to hold my discs and better organize them.  Also, whereas I originally just de-boxed DVDs I expanded to my collection of Blu Rays, PS2, and PS3 games.

Here are my three cases set down next to the stacks of Blu Ray, PS2, and PS3 cases.  Just those stacks in the back, if lined up, come out to about 44″W x 5.25″L x 6.75″H (actually the DVD/PS2 cases are taller than Blu Ray/PS3 ones, but I’m simplifying a little bit here)  for a volume of 1,559.25 in^3.   The box on the left has about 100 DVDs in it.  Those would be another 1,968.75 in^3 (probably a little less, since some were probably in multi-disc cases.)  That’s a total of 3,528 in³. 

The boxes I’ve put them in are 6.25″W x 11.25″L x 6.25″H for a volume of 1,318.36 in^3, resulting in a space savings of around 63%!  It’ll make my next move a heck of a lot easier.  As it is, I’ve got a good chunk of my collection stored in a shelf above my computer monitor and PS3.


Not that I got rid of all my cases.  Ones that came in special packaging, mostly fold-out cardboard (in the industry it’s called digipack) or even metal cases, I kept.  This included a lot of special edition releases and TV show sets.

Also unplayed video games.

In contrast, that anemic CD display on the top rung of this unit represents probably two-thirds of my hard-copy music collection.  Unlike the DVDs, I enacted something of a rip-and-trash policy with my music.  Most CDs, after converting to MP3, I straight up threw away.  There wasn’t much of a space-savings to be achieved by discarding cases and a lot of them were crap from my youth that I really didn’t want to keep around. 


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