I Beat Bulletstorm Today

The token hot chick from the game.
Because there’s always one of those!
Actually, Killzone 2 didn’t have one.

Good fun, but there was one thing towards the end that pissed me off to the point that I have no desire to bother with this title now that I’ve beaten it.

Towards the end of the game the protagonists need to make a mad dash into a spaceship that’s about the lift off.  The player is afforded little opportunity for combat at this point, and is given two minutes to haul ass through a level surrounded by enemies toward the ship.  At the last minute, a nearby vehicle explodes, disorienting the player, and leaving them with just 12 seconds (no matter how much time was left before the explosion) to make the final leg of the run and use the leash (this title’s game play gimmick) to yank open the closing ramp onto the craft so the characters can board.  
At least, that’s how the level is supposed to play out. The first time I played the level, I avoided the exploding vehicle by getting stuck on some level geometry and so I missed the dramatic unplayable sequence of the player character recovering from the blast.  As such, I had ample time and so did not need to pull down the closing ramp with my leash; I managed to run up the ramp and into the ship itself.  At that point the game closed out the stage, showed me a screen indicating I’d moved on top the next level, and then deposited me back at the beginning of the same level (the run toward the craft.) 
What fresh hell is that? Because I didn’t do the level in the exact way the developers had storyboarded it I was punished the same way I would’ve been if I’d been killed (even the game itself seemed confused by this, considering it showed me moving on the next level a moment before)?  If it’s considered so important for the game to play out in one and only one way, they may as well have just made the whole level a cinematic and not bothered wasting my time.  I already consider storylines in gaming to be too intrusive, but when developers decide that intuitive, fluid gameplay should take a backseat to their delusions of making a movie, something has gone horribly wrong.
And with that, a bog-standard shooter turned into a shit shooter best left ignored (which audiences rightfully did.)

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