I’m not normally one to get political

This weekend I did participate in a political protest, the Million Puppet March.  Not that I really cared that much about the politics of it all, in fact despite Romney’s insistence I seriously doubt that PBS is at a significant risk of losing their funding.  However, I was more than happy to have an opportunity to be out and about in Washington, D.C. with a puppet.  Also, I can’t think of many rallies where simply saying the alphabet counted as a protest song.  Also, there was chanting of “EL-MO, WE WON’T GO!”

Which would be only slightly less ridiculous than THIS protest song:

 It was all delightfully silly.  So, what kind of puppet did I bring?  Oh, come on, you have to ask?
I’ll give you a hint!

 There were some cool parts, such as large puppets and a skeleton marching band.

The most interesting part was realizing I wasn’t the only person who was there mostly for shits and giggles.  As the march wound past the Library of Congress some lone not protester who I suppose is out there every Saturday morning accosted the puppeteers, screaming about how the environment was being trashed we were stupidly concerning ourselves with puppets.  A guy near me, after a moment said “you know, he kind of has a point.”  I turned to him and said “I’m just happy to have an excuse to be out in D.C. with a puppet!” He smiled at me and we carried on with the rally.

It’s not like the bigger issues weren’t being discussed.  At one point I came across this pair of people discussing fracking … with their puppets!  It was pretty awesome and cute.

Of course, this was a political rally at its core so one couldn’t expect to not see political puppetry.

From the Big
To the small.
And even human sized.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and felt.  Sadly, even an event like this can have its casualties.

Puppet Down!

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