Self Defeating Political Commentary

So anarchy?

It’s amusing when someone, in their zeal to let their opposition know how stupid they think they are, decides to go so far as to undermine their own stance.  In the above image, which one of my misguided Facebook “friends” posted, he speaks out against voting for a third party–or anyone for that matter.  After all, if the election is “obviously rigged” only an idiot would bother voting at all.  It’s like finding out that a boxing match will be thrown, and then betting for the pugilist you know will take the dive, believing that will change the predetermined outcome somehow.  Or you could be the smart person and bet on the winner to benefit from the rigged game.

So was that that the intent of whoever made this image?  To tell anyone who saw it to either not vote at all or vote for the “rigged” winner?  No.  They were probably trying to browbeat their opposition (supporters of the Democrats or Republicans) into supporting a third party by letting them know they’re participating in a “rigged election” for a “corporate puppet.”  In other words: “you’re stupid for not supporting what I’m supporting!”  This has been an effective debate technique precisely never.

I saw a similar display of idiocy earlier this year during the furor over Chick-Fil-A’s anti-gay policies.  At one point, supporters of the restaurant chain staged an appreciation day, a counter protest to the LBGT-endorsed boycott.  The LBGT community countered with this:

Which did an effective job of showing how boycotting Chick-Fil-A was punishing numerous pro-gay companies, effectively arguing against the boycott.  In the author of this image’s zeal to call his/her enemies stupid they successfully undermined their own political actions.
People need to take a little time to stand back and think about what they’re actually saying when they say something.  Words have meanings, and unless you specify how you want those words to be interpreted by delivering a clear message, you run the risk of them turning against you.

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