You might not be hearing from me for a while.

I got the new release of XCOM Enemy Unknown for the PC (through Steam.)  I’ve been trying to avoid buying new games lately because I’ve been focusing my copious amount of free time on finally working through my embarrassingly huge backlog.  In hindsight this was a silly thing to do.  If I “needed” to buy it on release day it would have been better to get it from Amazon for the PS3, which gave a $15 coupon.   Once I was done with it I could have traded it back in to Amazon for maybe $25 (if beaten soon enough) or sold it on eBay for up to $40.

As it is, I now have the game for $50 (but hey, it came with a free copy of Civlization 5 which was recently on sale for $7.50 on Steam, so that brings the total price down to $42.50!)

I looked around on some forums and comments to reviews of the game (which have been very positive) and noticed a lot of people touting how much smarter they are than everyone else because they’re going to refuse to buy the game at full price and wait for the inevitable price drop.  I hate these cheap bastards because they fail to recognize their place in the gaming world: as bottom feeders.  The only reason there are games for them to buy is because of the “idiots” who support the developers and publishers at full price.  Cheapskates like these are the ones who buy the HP Touchpad on clearance–because it saw no support during its initial retail run–and then complained about a lack of continued support in terms of updates and apps.  So hey, great, you’re saving a few bucks by ensuring nobody would want to make games going forward (although it’s still marginally better than those who just pirate software); that doesn’t give you reason to look down on the people who support products they like.


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