Always remember the 99%

I don’t mean that 99% of the population that doesn’t control the majority of the wealth in the world.  I mean another 99% … the 99% of the world that are assholes.  Never forget that at any given time, most of the people around you are insufferable pricks.  Two recent examples from my life:

  1. I don’t like being touched.  I think it comes from being bullied growing up.  I’ve just come to associate any unapproved touching (hugs, pats on the back, whatever) as an invasion of my personal space.  I’ve learned to tolerate it at work because I know that making a scene–or even just expressing my dislike of being touched–will only cause problems later on.  I would have thought that I could be comfortable letting my “friends” outside of work know that I don’t like being touched.  Alas, that’s not the case.  More than one of them, upon being told that I’d rather not be touched, have then become all the more insistent that they just need to give me a bear hug or something.  Because they’re assholes.  They think they’re being friendly, but anyone who is eager to do something expressly because they know it makes someone uncomfortable is a worthless piece of shit.  Sadly, I can’t let them know they’re pieces of shit because someone like that is simply incapable of recognizing such a thing. Even if told.
  2. I was recently at some get together and somebody mentioned a reboot.  I said “oh, God, I hate that stupid word,” as I prepared to launch into a diatribe about how overused it was by Hollywood in movies and TV shows.  The person I talked to was all too eager to immediately say “well then I’ll make it a point to use that word as much as possible throughout the evening.”  Why? Because he’s clearly an asshole.
There are no nice people in the world.  When it comes down to it, everybody is always just too happy to mistreat others. 

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