Kickin’ it at the Small Press Expo 2012 (Part 2 of 3):

Raccoons in the Books!
Sometimes pamphlets can be very helpful.
So what was the most awesomely amazing thing I found at the Small Press Expo this year? Why, it was volume one of The Intrepid Girlbot!  How can this series be summarized?  Well, it’s the comedic adventures of a cute little girl robot and her pet cyborg raccoon.  PERFECTION ACHIEVED!
It was actually kind of funny, with my single-minded focus on all things raccoon I zeroed in on the booth of the author, Diana Nock, who asked if I liked raccoons.  I responded in the affirmative and that I’d buy anything with a raccoon in it, because only a person of taste and produces quality work would include a raccoon.  She said it was the easiest sale she’d made all day, and included a wonderful sketch of a raccoon and her signature in the book.

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