Do you think there are Darkstalkers on the Darkside?

Still working through that backlog of video games.  I just started up on Darksiders, the sequel of which was recently released.  Holy crap, I’m really enjoying this game!  The combat/puzzle ratio seems much smoother than in the comparable God of War (or, heaven forbid, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow) in that there isn’t this painful constant whiplash inducing distinction between fighting hordes of enemies and then POW they’ve all disappeared while I spend 10 minutes with some puzzle that really only takes a half minute to figure out but I keep having to schlep myself from one end of the room to the other.  Although comparing it to those more action-oriented games may not be appropriate; the main comparison was always between this and Nintendo’s Zelda games.  I haven’t played a Zelda game since the Super Nintendo’s A Link to the Past since I never got a Nintendo 64.  Although I did buy a Gamecube and Wii … I’m pretty sure I bought Wind Waker at some point but never played it.

Holy crap, that backlog is massiver than I thought!


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