Guild Wars 2 – All Your Money Are Belong to Us

Guild Wars 2 came out last week.  I remember excitedly rushing out and buying the collector’s edition of the first Guild Wars. It came with: a headset that I never, ever used because I learned long ago that people in online games have little of value to say; a nice artbook; a decent CD soundtrack; and the game itself.

I know I played enough of the game to feel I got my money’s worth.  But I recall never getting too far.  And everyone always became so insistent that if you didn’t have the optimum build there was no point in playing.

Anyway, the sequel just came out, and for nostalgia’s sake I considered running out and buying the substantial collector’s edition. But before I did that I decided to give the first game a whirl again (I haven’t played it in, what, five years?) After installing it I realized that I don’t remember what my password was.  I’ll just reset it from the handy option on the game’s login screen.  Oh, hey, an error message that tells me that can’t be done right now and to try again later.  After a day of trying again I gave up and sent a message to their customer service to reactivate my account.  It’s been three days and I haven’t heard anything back from them.

Well, that settles it: I sure as hell won’t be buying Guild Wars 2.  NCSoft just wants to take your money and screw you over.


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