I generally don’t listen to music.

With a thumb up like that, it must be good!

Over the years I’ve learned not to discuss music with people.  Apparently I don’t listen to the right things, and as a result conversations always end up with me being ridiculed or shunned for my likes.  At some point I learned to deny listening to music and profess a love for conservative podcasts.  But, the truth is that I still do listen to music.  And, thanks primarily to Amazon’s dirt cheap prices for MP3 download, quite a bit of my recent acquisitions were legally obtained.  Now that I have a temporary job, which doesn’t require a lot of interaction with people, I’ve actually gotten to listen to most of what I’ve added to my library this year.  So what have my ears been enjoying (or not) of late?  Glad you asked!  Here they are (in roughly listening order), items in bold are the ones I particularly enjoyed:

  1. Making Mirrors, GOTYE
  2. The Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd
  3. Vincent LaGuardia Gambini Sings Just for You, Joe Pesci
  4. Chapter VII Hope & Sorrow, Sevendust
  5. Ugly, Screaming Females
  6. Sorry, White Lung
  7. Oh Land, Oh Land (the EP had all the best songs)
  8. Welcome Reality, Nero
  9. Iron Sky Soundtrack, Laibach
  10. Record of Lodoss War Original Soundtrack, Kaze No Orchestra
  11. The Neverending Story Soundtrack, Klaus Doldinger & Giorgio Moroder
  12. The Dark Saga, Iced Earth
  13. One Life Stand, Hot Chip
  14. Secret Companion, Freezepop
  15. All Over the World, Electric Light Orchestra
  16. Demo, Contortionist
  17. Butterfly Boucher, Butterfly Boucher
  18. The Sun, The Bravery
  19. The Moon, The Bravery
  20. Nocturne, The Human Abstract
  21. Celebration Rock, Japandroids
  22. Chronicles, Rush
  23. I’m Sorry, Neighborhood
  24. Crazy for You, Best Coast
  25. The Breakfast Club Soundtrack, Various
  26. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Soundtrack, Various 
  27. Brütal Legend Soundtrack, Various
  28. The Fear is Excruciating But Therein Lies the Answer, Red Sparowes
  29. Spectrum of the Sky, Break of Reality
  30. Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack, Karen ) & the Kids
  31. Killer Kuts, Robin Beanland & Greame Norgate
  32. Stay With Me, Michael Lington
  33. Barking Dogs Don’t Get Pet, Gimme’ My Moon Back
  34. Mortal Kombat More Kombat, Various
  35. Exits & All the Rest, Girl in a Coma
  36. 5150, Van Halen
  37. Synthetica, Metric

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