In the mood to complain.

1. I mostly use Firefox.  I have Chrome installed on my computer as well.  The homepage is set to go to my Google Reader account so I can see what exciting news awaits me.  Unfortunately the damn thing always seems to struggle to load the page when I open Chrome.  I usually just have to direct to some other page after a half minute because Chrome, piece of shit that it is, couldn’t manage to open Reader.  One would imagine Google’s products and services would be better integrated.

2. iTunes has inexplicably decided to cease transferring album art to my iPhone.  I’ve no idea what has caused this, which is very disappointing considering all the effort I’ve put into cultivating my music library with the correct metadata and album art, but at least I know I’m not alone in this problem. One would imagine that Apple’s products and services would be better integrated.

Supposedly one of the fixes for this problem is sync via wifi, but I just can’t get that to work. I can use my iPhone to act as a remote to iTunes and access the library via sharing, but for some reason the damn thing won’t recognize it to sync.  “It just works” my ass.

3. I just beat Assassin’s Creed 2, which was a big hit back in 2009. One of the benefits of having been unemployed was that I finally got to whittle down that embarrassingly large backlog of video games.  I have to say, though, that I didn’t care for AssCreed2.  I simply don’t have a mind for stealthiness; almost every attempt at cooly dispatching a target without being noticed ended in a melee between me and a roomful of guards.  Part of the problem was the game’s controls, which I never got a hang of.  Sometimes pressing X (I played on the PS3) would send you spryly climbing a wall and other times you’d bound off that wall right into your pursuers.  Sometimes pressing O would make you drop down the lower level or leap off the wall altogether.  Often in the heat of a chase I’d find the controls were the least predictable.  But then my own clumsiness didn’t help, either.  On more than one occasion an attempt at taking down a guard or two by surprise would be botched because my dagger was surprisingly unequipped.  Or one time I tried to toss a smoke bomb and dispatch some enemies under cover, but forgot to un-equip the smoke bomb which resulted in me tossing more smoke bombs on the ground when I should have been making stabby.  Since the game almost always came down to brawling, it also didn’t help that combat was either boring or infuriatingly difficult to manage.  Against most guards it was simply a matter of parrying and then countering attacks.  Against others, mostly those with axes and polearms, parrying wasn’t an option and every attempt I made at sidestepping didn’t work, either.

I will say, though, that I found the mythology of the game interesting.  I’d rather just read a book or two about how all this turns out.

Or the Wikipedia entry.


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