Well it looks like I was wrong about copycat killers but I wasn’t.

I had previously questioned the media and “experts'” assertions that the Aurora Dark Knight shooting would inevitably result in copycat crimes unless we gave up still more rights to protect ourselves.  It turns out I was wrong, sort of.

  • In one instance a man–claiming to be inspired by the Aurora shooter–he cheered on his work on Facebook–saw The Dark Knight Rises with a loaded gun in hand.  Then drove off to kill his employer.  The cops caught him because “drove off” in this case means sped along at 112 miles per hour.  They found several rifles in his car.  
  • Somebody on Twitter made several threats to engage in mass murder at a Broadway theater. The New York police asked Twitter for help in identifying the owner of the account.  
I’ll grant one of these as a potential copycat crime.  He wanted to go to a theater and shoot a bunch of people (although this was a “stage” as opposed to the “movie” theater.)  The first case though was copycat in only the loosest sense possible; in fact the opportunity for it mimic the original crime came and went without incident as the man was in a theater watching the Dark Knight with a loaded gun and did nothing.
But hey, the theaters will undoubtedly install metal detectors and use that as an excuse to jack up ticket prices even further despite the fact that metal detectors would not have prevent the Aurora shooting in the first place. 

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