Sometimes, you’re just as well off with cheap crap.

As I had discussed previously, I ended up buying a 4th generation Kindle (non-touch) to replace my non-functional Sony e-reader.  Originally, I was rocking a $6 cover I’d bought off Amazon.  It was perfectly adequate except that it 1) didn’t seal in the kindle along the top, which meant that every time I had to press the button on the bottom to wake it up I’d force it up out of the case a little bit and 2) while cushioned, the case added far too much bulk to the device.  So recently I was at Target and happened across the official Amazon covers on sale for half off their usual $40 price.  What a deal! And surely the “official” cover, sporting a snazzy impressed Kindle logo, would be a better option than my bulky, doughy-feeling knock off cover!  Well, it is a more attractive case, and the hardness of the materials use would protect the device just as well from a drop, however the nice smooth surface came at a price: it was very very easily scratched.  After just a couple of times taking the covered device out of my nightstand I noticed a big gash along the front.  Then I drew my fingernail along it and recreated the mar.  I never had to worry over my old cover, which you could toss about all day without it looking particularly worn.

So my advice is to stick with the cheapest covers you can find, or–if you’re going to spend $40–get something other than the official Amazon cover.  They’d have to be more durable.


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