RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Psychic Shocker, Likely Outcome Predicted to Happen!

I don’t know what this is, but it came up with a search for “psychic raccoon” images.

The Russian psychic raccoon, Jemma, has predicted that China will win the most medals during this year’s Summer Olympics. Unfortunately, the article that relayed this news was dated yesterday, August 4.  I don’t know if that’s when the actual prediction was made.  If it was, then what kind of half-assed psychic waits until a week into an event to make a prediction?  On top of that, picking China beforehand–and especially a week into the event–was not terribly shocking.  They’re a major world power which pumps massive resources into developing its Olympic talent and, a week into the event, they’re been in a dead-heat competition with the United States for the most medals.  Now, the odd one was the prediction of Russia coming in at #2; it seems Jemma there still holds some strong communist favoritism.


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