Even Internet Celebrities are People

I have to admit to being something of a online video review junkie.  Ever since the Angry Video Game Nerd (back when he was the Angry Nintendo Nerd) I’ve been a fan of reviews of movies and video games in humorous ways in relatively brief (or perhaps overly long) nuggets, usually off of YouTube.  Now, as with music, I usually take no interest in the people who make these things.  I don’t care about their personal lives, views, or whatever.  They make a product and I consume it.  Hopefully they profit off the commercials I’m exposed to while watching.  Occasionally, however, real life intrudes on their work.  Often its by a video suddenly breaking the fourth wall, and the reviewer acknowledging that they persona they adopt while reviewing is simply a character.

One reviewer I’ve enjoyed of late is The Spoony Experiment, especially his retrospective on the Ultima PC game series. I remember playing Ultima VII a lot when I was a kid.  In fact it was the only Ultima game I’d ever played (although I’d always wanted Ultima IV on the NES.) No, wait, I remember I played Ultima VIII briefly, but it was this whole thing where a friend screwed me over on a pirated copy or something.  Anyway, Ultima VII was the most amazing RPG ever.  It’s apparently an overall good series, up until the final installment (which I’d also wanted, but never purchased due to uncertainty as to whether my PC could handle it.)  Now, his review of the final Ultima game has been split up into three parts.  The second part was posted about one and a half months after the first.  After watching that second installment I quickly scrolled through the comments and saw veiled references to “Spoony’s” troubles, including theorizing that it was the cause of the delay, people wishing him luck with his future, and other discussions not terribly related to Ultima IX.

I became curious.

It turned out there had been considerable drama related to Spoony and some other online reviewers.  He offended one over Twitter (it turns out every internet reviewer has a Twitter account and they all know each other) which lead to infighting between him and a group of reviewers and so he was booted from some reviewing hub (or not; the place he was booted from insists there was no connection between the drama and his ousting.)

It was just a weird reminder to me that as much as I try to ignore the private lives of these people, it doesn’t mean they don’t have them.  And even they screw up, just like I do.

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