The D.C. area got rocked by one hell of a storm on Friday night, so my home was without power for the better part of yesterday.  As such I spent the time out with friends, drinking, and seeing movies.  I ended up watching Wes Anderson’s latest movie, Moonrise Kingdom. As to reviewing the movie … I … uh … it’s a very Wes Anderson-ish movie. The knowledge of that kept me away from his recent flicks, such as the Darjeeling Limited and the Life Aquatic.  In a lot of ways, once you’ve seen one of his movies you’ve seen them all.

Despite this, I ended up liking Moonrise Kingdom.  It’s very … cute … in that expertly calculated Wes Anderson way.

Of course, the cuteness was enhanced by the presence of the Boy Scouts of America stand-in, here called the Khaki Scouts.  Their logo?  A raccoon (pictured above)!! It was great seeing the little raccoon logo everywhere.  YAY RACCOONS!!

Also, there’s been a lot of talk about an upcoming announcement of a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, which would presumably feature the team’s most important character, Rocket Raccoon.   Honestly, I was under the impression they had already announced that one was going into production.

WOOHOO! My one-hundredth post!


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