Lincoln Does Not Tolerate the Supernatural

Art by Lysol-Jones

There’s something about Abraham Lincoln that makes people want to portray him as being larger-than-life.  Personally, I think it’s because of his placement in history: long enough ago to seem like “really really far back,” yet recent enough that there are photographs of him.  He happened to make his footprint on history at a point where technology–the big distinction to modern society between then and now–was just becoming what we’re familiar with.  As a result, it seems like a good place to link the fantastical (often associated with a then, similar to how fairy tales start with “long ago”) with the mundane (some stodgy old historical figure.)  So how about those alternate Lincolns?

  1. There’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in theaters now, based on a recent novel.
  2. And of course the knock-off movie, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, made by the good folks at The Asylum.
  3. In the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie we had to see the nefarious Time Lincoln.
  4. Not to be confused with Time Lincoln the comic book series published by Antarctic Press.
  5. Also in comics, it turns out that another time traveling Lincoln had to face off with werewolves.
  6. Abraham Lincoln has, of course, gone steampunk because why not?
  7. In the comic book series Invincible (a favorite of mine) there is an immortal superhero who used to be Abraham Lincoln.

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